What is Pride & Joy Ice Cream

Fact: there are more jobless youth today than any other time in recent history (OK, not uplifting, but still a fact).

And we hate to be misery monkeys, but things are getting worse. More wasted talent and heaps more young, well-educated ‘unemployees’, keen-as to make their mark in the world – only the world’s not playing ball.

Instead, they’re leaving schools and universities wondering what happened to all the epic jobs. “Study hard and you’ll get that dream role,” they were told. Which would have been great advice…if only they could travel back to 1995.

In reality, many people that bust a gut studying now can’t get a sniff of a decent job, and not just because there aren’t enough good ones to go around (although that’s true too). Now they’re discovering the jobs they want require experience they don’t have…because they went to university…exactly as they were advised to do.

It’s the same dumb scenario the world over: remarkable people with no outlet for their remarkableness. With doors slamming all around, they’re ready to break down some walls – and we’re here to help them do it (not literally, that would be weird…and probably illegal).

At Pride & Joy, our purpose is to entrepreneurize the remarkable people amongst today’s unemployed and under-employed.

Core Values
Success for us

cool beginnings

In 2013, we came up with a sweet solution: ice cream. After all, who doesn’t love a good cone-full? And how much more would people love it if they could make money out of it too?

Surrounded by the world’s best ingredients, we created the world’s best ice cream. We’re talking a party in your mouth. We nearly called it ‘Party in Your Mouth Ice Cream’…but that was, you know, a bit of a mouthful, so we went with Joy Ice Cream instead.

And to spread the Joy we created micro ice cream factories: clever little gizmos that fit on the back of a truck, churning out fab flavours ready to be sold from our cool mobile Joy Pods. And best of all, every sleek, silvery Pod is owned and operated by someone that used to be under- or un-employed but who’s now ‘working it like a boss’ and banking all the profit they make.

Changing lives with ice cream, sounds weird right? But it makes total sense. Kiwi dairy rocks; ice cream is a world favourite and it has a great margin so everyone involved can make lots of lovely money. And because this is a scalable, practical business model, it can be used to help unemployees all around the world.

And hey, did we mention this is ICE CREAM?!

making a difference

Once we launched our sweet new opportunity we found that many potential entrepreneurs needed a bit of a boost to make a real go of things. It wasn't about getting back in the classroom, they already had the education, what they were missing was a way to get practical, experiential training: they needed to get a handle on the business of running a business.

So we spent a couple of years picking the brains of our Remarkable Unemployees (not literally, that would be gross…and again probably illegal) to understand exactly where they needed help. We also chatted to thousands of people and companies and discovered we weren’t the only ones wondering how to make a dent in Youth Under- and Unemployment.

And that’s when we came up with JBA (Joy Business Academy), a global community designed to put the oomph back in the ‘Learning to Earning’ model.

the business of joy

the business of joy

the business of joy

You can’t lick or stick it in a cone, but JBA is just as cool as our ice cream. A friendly virtual space where Remarkable Unemployees can link up with each other, with thought leaders and the sort of employers even we’d love to work for (and we’re really picky).

Packed with practical courses, reliable support and advice that’s actually useful, JBA is a space where people can get their confidence back, figure out what they want to do, and get the skills they need to do it in style.

And because we’re teaming up with like-minded companies, JBA learners also get access to real business opportunities. From pitching their brilliant start-up ideas to funders, to pitching their newly skilled-up selves to employers – JBA guides them to the right contacts to help them unleash their talent.

Sounds exciting, eh? We’re buzzing about our new adventure. Affordable, accessible courses and more opportunities than you can shake a stick at: JBA will help us make a difference in millions of people’s lives (and we do mean that literally).

JBA: it’s joyful, it's revolutionary, it’ll turn the dumb status quo on its head and get our Remarkable Unemployees back on their feet. What’s not to love?